RSM-24 image

The RSM-24 is a 3RU rack mount unit which combines state of the art technology with a modular design for flexibility and reliability in a variety of receiver roles.

The RSM models are designed to be placed in secure locations around the State (e.g. State Patrol Offices) and monitors multiple on-air signals for EAS Broadcasts (AM / FM / NWS / TV / HDTV / UHF / VHF / SatStream Satellite EAS).

Each RSM-24 can monitor up to 24 signals per RSM-24 (provisioned in pairs for AM / FM / NWS modules). Each unit supports up to 6 analog TV / VHF / UHF modules.

When the unit detects an EAS alert, the full FSK text (including the two repetitions) are captured along with any voice audio and sent to the server/software for analysis.

Because the RSM continuously monitors preset stations, it can determine on/off air status and detect spurious alerts.

The Touchscreen LCD (RSM-24 model) shows stations being monitored, their signal strength and their relative audio level. Remote / on-site station selection setup for RSM-24 and RSM-12.

The menu allows customizable user interface and audio to local speaker for setup. Normal display shows the time of the last internet interaction with the server.

The server regularly confirms connectivity. Should there be a connection disruption, the unit stores alert information and updates the server as soon as the connection is restored.

RSM-12 image (coming soon)

The EAS WATCH RSM-12 monitors up to 12 stations and comes with its own set of informative status LEDs for each channel and a sharp contrast monochrome LCD with convenient front panel buttons for implementing the user interface.

RSM-8 image

The EAS WATCH RSM-8 combines the same internal technology and modular framework as the RSM-24 and RSM-12, but does not include a graphic display. This compact rack mount unit is designed for more isolated areas having a smaller number of stations within a particular region.


For more information, see the datasheet.