IPM image

The IPM, Initiation Point Monitor, is an RU2 rack mount unit designed to detect EAS initiations at an Emergency Management Center. The 'authenticated' alert information is forwarded to the Situation Display server of the EAS Watch system components and software. This information also serves as the basis for spurious alert detection.

Any alert initiated on-site is captured by the IPM. Each IPM has a unique designator which serves to identify where the EAS alert originated. The EAS FSK data is converted to a digital format that includes the time, date and initiation point designator and is then sent to the server. The server logs all information from the IPM and allows for generating statistical reports.

Any voice audio is captured at a high sampling rate and stored on the server to support the EAS Second Chance distribution.

The IPM communicates regularly with the EAS Watch Situation Display server to assure connectivity. Should a disruption occur, the unit stores alert information and updates the server as soon as the connection is restored.

Includes an LCD graphic display with user interface. Setup allows for customizing alarms and running system tests. Status shows the most recent initiated EAS as well the last time the unit has communicated with the server.

The IPM is required at any facility authorized to initiate EAS alerts.

Requires reliable LAN to Internet connection.


For more information, see the datasheet.