ESM-1 & ESM-1+
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Contact us today for an online demonstration of the ESM-1 and the Server Software. Custom Options Available -- We can customize the data & operation to suit your needs!
The EAS WATCH ESM, or ENDEC Serial output Monitor, is a freestanding unit originally designed for remote EAS monitoring and logging, but it has application anywhere there is a need to monitor, log and/or send information received from a RS232 serial port.
The ESM provides a number of ways to document every EAS that arrives at any station, allowing flexibility in how the information is passed to the station chief and/or others. Optional Audio Decoder allows broadcast confirmation of the actual EAS Alert, alert EAS audio analysis, as well as Silence detection capability.
Multiple station logs can be easily managed and viewed using our server side software running on any standard web server. This software creates a web page showing a chronological, filterable log of all EAS activity at broadcast stations.
Modules can be added for features such as reporting (Including exception based), tiered group access, and much more. For EMCs, an add on module can provide reports for Required Weekly and Monthly Tests, saving time by eliminating the need for station test surveys and county 'check-ins'. In conjunction with our ISM, this add-on module can also generate comparative alert monitoring between all alerts sent from the EMC and those received by stations with ESM units-- thus allowing the EAS Watch server to detect and track spurious EAS alerts.
Further Information

ESM Brochure and Add-On Options

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