CAPLink image

CAPLink™ provides a low cost interface that polls a Common Alerting Protocol server and generates locally synthesized standard EAS audio (FSK and Attention) to avoid corruption likely to occur with VOIP technology.

Installation is quick and easy: CAPLink™ connects directly to a standard router with internet connectivity. Setup is simple using a standard browser. The output of CAPLink™ is standard EAS audio. This audio may be applied to the audio input of any FCC certified Encoder/Decoder to be used as one additional EAS audio source.

CAPLink™ requires no operator attention after it has been installed. The link to the CAP server can be manually confirmed at any time. If the primary CAP Server link fails CAPLink™ will automatically attempt to connect with alternate servers as defined at setup. and can automatically send an e-mail reporting the problem.

CAPLink™ supports EAN as well as EAS. All audio file chunks are assembled and output as quality balanced or unbalanced audio.

ESM Option: CAPLink™ can monitor all EnDec activity via a serial input allowing reporting of all EAS transactions to central server which may be the EAS Watch System.

OSM Option: CAPLink™ can monitor the actual station on-air audio. Each EAS transmission is analyzed and decoded and a report may be sent to the CAP Server or EAS Watch.

Desktop Option: CAPLink™ can also be ordered as a desktop unit instead of rack mount.


For more information, see the datasheet.