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ESM-1 Endec Serial Monitor

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If you are just discovering EAS Watch right this moment, welcome! Our products page will provide you with a general sense of the kind of creative design that goes on in our clandestine workshop.

Our hottest product at this moment is our very reasonably priced Endec Serial Monitor, the ESM-1. Additional features can be found in the similarly styled ESM-1+. Setup and configuration is performed in a web browser over a networked connection, whether from the local network or across the Internet.

Whether you choose one or the other or several of each, you can manage all of incoming data in a single web-based application: The ESM-1 Data Viewer, currently included at no additional charge.

Interested? Call us today to set up an online demonstration of an ESM-1 and its unique web-based data management software.

EAS Watch Product Family:

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